Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dell's Custom User Interface Photo Gallery

The Defualt desktop and the Dell clutter launcher.




(why do I need Adobe Reader? Gnome reads and writes PDFs)


Web Browser In Action (Dell's version of Firefox)
Google has a deal with Mozilla to be the default search engine for Firefox, since Dell doesn't see a dime of that money the decided to sell that privilege to Yahoo! In order to do so they cannot use the Firefox logo or name. Dell makes this worse by installing a Yahoo! toolbar onto their Web Browser. Firefox defiantly doesn't need a Yahoo! toolbar and it takes up way too much screen space. Thanks Dell! I bought the Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu so I wouldn't get crapware.

I'm not a big fan of Dell Custom User Interface. It's slow and not my style. The good news is that it's easy to turn it off. You need to do is click the Ubuntu logo and select the Switch Desktop Mode entry.

The Normal Desktop
Ubuntu feels and runs much faster in this normal mode.

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Jon said...

i bought the mini for my wife when it was listed as pre-order with ubuntu and it took what seemed like forever to ship. i have to say i was disappointed in the dell interface. the netbook-remix interface is much better in my opinion and i'm not sure why dell didn't just make minor tweaks to it. i just completed a fresh install off a usb key and put on the netbook-remix interface. i have not found out yet how to change the position or level of transparency for the launcher; the wife thinks its too dark and she prefers the panel on the bottom of the screen instead of the top.