Friday, December 4, 2009

One Month Later

If the 14 new articles didn't tip you off, it goes without saying: I'm back. After getting back to Chicago, I was really busted up and writing helped get me through those very painful weeks. The good news is that my clavicle is healing properly and quickly. Full movement has returned to my left arm and the pain is very minor. I should be 100% in about 4 more weeks.

The guides for installing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala were a bit late, but I think I have a valid excuse. I want to thank all of you who waited patiently and wished me well. Keep reading and tell some friends.

Karmic is the best Ubuntu release since Ubuntu 8.04 and the improvements to the Intel driver stack make it mark a huge improvement over 8.10 and 9.04. The Broadcom driver installer, not the actual driver, is a bit wonky but the fix is incredibly simple. Everything else works out of the box and novice users should feel comfortable installing Ubuntu 9.10 on their Dell Mini/Vostro.

The site has received a bit of an overhaul. I'm not just focusing on the the Dell Mini 9, I also am writing about the Vostro A90 and the Dell Mini 10v. I rearranged the site and hopefully it's easier to use. The user guides and search function are now the most prominent thing on the page. I am also done with experimenting with colors, sorry about the orange and brown mess that was up for a while. It's strictly black and orange from now on. I did change the font but no one noticed so I doubt it's an issue. Your feedback is always welcome.

The donations have been going well and I'd like to thank everyone who has given money. I was able to buy some gear for the site. I picked up a Vostro A90, Super Talent FEM32GFDL 32GB SSD, LITE-ON Esau208-96 External Slim DVD/CD Burner and a new keyboard to replace the damaged one on my Dell Mini 9. The last thing on my list is a Dell Mini 10v, I'm already 60 dollars towards that goal and with the post holiday deals Dell does I should have one around February.

I am also looking for contributors, if you'd like to help edit articles or write for the site drop me a line. If you have a Mini 10v that would be a huge plus but you don't need to be an expert Linux user.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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anjilslaire said...

Great to have you back. I'm really curious about the 10v, so that will be a cool addition.