Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wooden Wallpaper

This Wallpaper was from a proposed Ibex Ibex Theme that was never used.


I was looking for a background to compliment the brown tones of Ubuntu 9.10 Human theme. I really like this wallpaper, it makes the brownish theme look good.

Download the Ibex Wallpaper by willwill100

You can Find more of willwill100 artwork on his DeviantArt Page

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rtyb said...

that's actually the same wallpaper made by mosq1to

google ''wood wallpapaer mosq1to deviantart''

redDEAD said...

I googled that exact statement and a couple variants, and couldn't find anything showing mosq1to to be the original artist. Probably would be easier and would have conclusively proven your point, to link to mosq1to deviant art page.

Till you do I've leaving it credited to willwill.

rtyb said...


here is the link

check it out, i really like more musqu1t0's than willwill's

are we cool?


read ya later

btw, really good blog.