Wednesday, October 21, 2009

20% Off Refurbished Dell Minis @ Dell Outlet

Dell is currenty running a 20% off & free shipping on all Dell Mini models at it's outlet store. This includes the Dell Mini 9, 10 & 10v. All Dell outlet purchases come with the same 1 year warranty as new purchases.

While I personally love/recommend the Mini 9, the Dell Mini 10v is an excellent machine despite it's RAM upgrade procedure. It offers a larger screen (although the same resolution) and keyboard. Remember the Dell Mini 10 should be avoided at all costs.

From WIkipedia:
The Intel System Controller [that the Dell Mini 10 uses] Hub US15W for the Atom processor Z5xxseries features a GMA 500 graphic system. Rather than being developed in-house, this core is a PowerVR SGX 535 core licensed from Imagination Technologies.[22] Since PowerVR is not cooperative with the open source movement, this has resulted in the dependence on outdated closed source Linux drivers.[23]

Direct Link to the Dell Outlet Mini Section

Use Coupon Code: 56RK57G2H1ML9V

Remember I don't work for Dell or make a dime off from Dell for this post, I just wanted to hook you guys and girls up with a sweet deal. Tell your friends, mention that they can always come to for help.

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Anonymous said...

Coupon appears to be expired :(

redDEAD said...

It was put up Weds night and Thursday there wasn't any stock left. Surprised it lasted that long.