Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Game On Linux - World of Goo

2D Boy is celebrating The World of Goo's one year anniversary with a “Pay what you want” sale.

World of Goo is a puzzle game with a strong emphasis on physics, for WiiWare, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (x86 and x86-64) by 2D Boy, an independent game developer. The game is built around the idea of creating large structures using balls of goo.

Your job is to get your goo balls into the pipe exit. To do this you use goo balls to construct bridges, towers, and other structures to overcome gravity and dangerous terrain. There are several types of goo balls in the game, each of which has unique properties. Five levels, each with their own unique theme and music. Extra goo recovered in the pipe are pumped through to the World of Goo Corporation, a sandbox area where the objective is to compete with other players worldwide by building the tallest tower possible. Players from all over the world can compete, as the height of the tower and number of goo balls used are being constantly uploaded to the 2D Boy server.

The World of Goo is a critically acclaimed, winning Best Independent Game from the Spike TV Video Game Awards show and won six Wii-specific awards and one for the PC, including Best Puzzle Game (for both Wii and PC), Best Artistic Design, Best WiiWare Game, Best New IP, Most Innovative Design. It also won Game of the Year from IGN and GameSpot awarded it as the Best Game No One Played.

The sale ends October 25th, so hurry and grab a copy. Once you choose to donate, or not donate, 2D Boy will send you a download link for the game. It is available in tar.gz, .exe, .dmg, .deb and .rpm. The games run perfectly on the Dell Mini 9 and is highly recommended.

Get Your Goo On

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Anonymous said...

got it for a lil' donation. Good stuff

Anonymous said...

Got it for a nice lil' discount. Good stuff