Friday, November 14, 2008

My Ubuntu Stickers Came In

About a week and a half ago I sent off for my free Ubuntu Stickers. Today they came in, with a little note:

Enclosed are the 'Powered by Ubuntu" sticker you requested.

With the incredible success of Ubuntu around the world, the LoCo project is here to help groups of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts work together in regional teams to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu.

Join or start an Ubuntu Local Community Team at




I never mention how cool local Ubuntu Community groups are. Their hard work and dedication help make Ubuntu what it is. Thanks!

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Ricky B said...

It's a cool sticker, but... those stickers on the palm rests really annoy me on my machines. I'm glad Dell didn't ship it with one -- although they did have an Atom and N-series sticker for me to remove. I notice you made space for the Ubuntu one on your machine as well... :)

Anonymous said...

Is there an easy way to remove the atom and N series stickers from the palm rest? Or do you just peel them off? Is there any residue left behind?

redDEAD said...

Use a little bit of lighter fluid and it takes the residue right off.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I will certainly try that.