Monday, November 3, 2008

Go Vote

This morning I received a email from that sums up what I wanted to write today.

This Tuesday, we will elect the next President of the United States. The result will have great consequences for the nation.

This election offers a choice between two men with dramatically different visions of the future. We have strong feelings about this choice. But we feel even more strongly that all Americans, regardless of political preference, have a stake in the outcome and should vote in this critical election.

This is likely to be a close election. Your vote matters. Please use it and make a difference.

So dust off, your Cheeto stained hands, stop watching internet porn and go vote. I know the sun is a harsh beast, but sacrifices must be made.

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Anonymous said...

The rest of the world is looking to you and very curious about, wether you folks will vote the right one! :-)

Anonymous said...

The right one Won, I'm not American but I do live here and I'm so happy America did the right thing.