Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Over the next couple of days many of you will be receiving your Mini 9s and finding your way to my blog. I want to welcome you, was created as a resource for people who wanted to install Ubuntu on their Dell Mini.

This website is not about running Mini OS, the pre-installed Dell version of Ubuntu. The pre-installed version is based on the Low Power on Intel Architecture (lpia). While I find lpia to be interesting technology and look forward to using it in the future, I don't yet find it suitable for everyday use. If you have questions about your pre-installed version of Ubuntu, you can look for answers on Dell's website or try posting the question in our Mini 9 Google Group.

This blog is about installing a running Ubuntu i386 architecture on your Mini. There are tutorials on how to create a LiveUSB stick, partitioning and installing Ubuntu, setting up Ubuntu Netbook Remix, enabling media playback, customizing Firefox for netbooks and much more. Please read the Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex on the Dell Mini 9 overview article for info on installing Ubuntu on your Mini 9. Once you've decided on try Ubuntu, the Ubuntu User guides will help you get everything setup and customized.

Ubuntu is an amazing operating system but it is not magic, it doesn't just work. It requires a commitment to learning a different way of doing things. Problems will come up and it is important to remember Linux not Windows or OSX. The articles cover the major hardware problems that come up during installation, the comment sections offer insight on where other users have had problems. We also have a Google Group with over 150 users who are great about helping out. Besides my blog and the Google group, The Official Ubuntu Forums have millions of users and articles that can walk you through many software problems.


Have a question or problem that this article doesn't cover?
Ask our Ubuntu Mini 9 Google Group for help.


Anonymous said...

I've had my Mini for a few days. I had originally planned to install OS X on it, but have been so impressed with Ubuntu that I've decided not to. Thank you for the excellent, detailed information. It's much appreciated.

The Watson said...

Hello world!

I've been reading your blog since before getting my Mini last week. I look forward to moving from the Dell installed Ubuntu to a i386 based Ubuntu 8.10. Keep up the good work for all us old-timer hackers!

Gaétan said...

Do you think all this also works on the Mini 12 computer ?
By The Way i prefer wait for Ubuntu 9.04.

Gaetan from France.

redDEAD said...


I have no clue, but I'm also dying to run Ubuntu 9.04

Anonymous said...

I have been using Dell's "Mini OS" since I got my Mini 9, and am curious why you don't find the lpia build of Ubuntu suitable for everyday use. Are you referring to the lpia kernel specifically, or just Dell's build of Ubuntu? I'm interested in switching to "real" Ubuntu myself, but am debating whether to install the lpia or i386 architecture. I know I can try one and simply reinstall again if it does not meet my needs; however I have little free time lately, with none to spend on my former geekish habits, and I'd prefer to get things set up properly the first time.

Anonymous said...

Help...I am not at all computer savvy. I got my daughter the mini 9 for christmas. She cannot go on the internet. She has ubuntu messages that make no sense. We spent three hours on the phone with dell (via India, its $149 to talk to a north american) they claim unbuntu has a software problem? Is this true?

redDEAD said...

Your question is so vague and offers no foundation to give you tech help. Ubuntu doesn't have software problems connecting to the internet. Millions of Ubuntu users connect to the net everyday.