Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Set Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or ZoHo Mail As Default Mail Application In Ubuntu 10.04

Evolution is a great full featured email client, but I don't want to use it on my netbook. It's really frustrating clicking on email links and seeing the Evolution configuration wizard pop up.

In an earlier post I wrote a guide about setting Gmail/Yahoo! as your default mail client in Firefox, but it only worked in Firefox and the settings were not used system wide. This guide will show you how to set Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! or SoHo Mail as your system wide default mail application using an awesome program called Desktop Webmail.

To install desktop-webmail, in a terminal type:
sudo apt-get install desktop-webmail


Once installed you can find Desktop-Webmail configuration editor under Applications>Internet. Use the pull down menu to select Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail Classic UI, Yahoo! Mail Default or ZoHo Mail.

After setting your webmail prover go to System>Settings>Preferred Applications


and select Desktop Webmail as your Mail Reader.

Feeling left out because you're running an older version of Ubuntu? Gnome Gmail offers the same service for older versions of Ubuntu, only catch is that it only works for Gmail. You can download an all architecture .deb from the Gnome Gmail sourceforge site.


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Ivan said...

nice, thanks

kpprom said...

I've been using gnome-gmail-notifier which works decently and also adds a widget to the top panel. Unfortunately it requires you enter your password every time you start your computer. With all this "web integration" BS in 10.04 you think they could make this work from the get go. Anyone have a way to make gmail work with the default mail reminder?

Just WOW said...

Works like a charm.