Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Move The Window Buttons To The Right

Is Ubuntu 10.04 left side window button placement driving you crazy? You're not the only one. I'm so used to the buttons being on the right side, I can't make the adjustment. I sick of clicking a blank right menu bar. The fix is simple:

To Move The Window Buttons To The Right
Bring up the Run Application box with Alt + F2
mini/vostro users will have to press Fn+Alt+F2(hint: it's the S key)
type gconf-editor and press Run


In the gconf-editor
Go to Apps>Metacity>General


In the button_layout field type:

- this will place the window buttons on the right, where they belong.

Feel free to customize the buttons if you want to change the order. I know some users actually prefer the Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha testing left side window buttons placement of minimize,maximize,close.

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gfe said...

Another way you can accomplish this, I discovered this week, is by installing the package ubuntu-tweak. It has quite a few nifty settings that are otherwise hard to find, and moving the window buttons is one of them.