Friday, August 7, 2009

Chromium Head Now Gone

Chromium is the open source project behind the Google Chrome web browser. While still in development, it is shaping up to be a feature rich browser. Like all software, Chromium's development has been marked with bugs and regressions. [chromium-bug] 18385 has to be the oddest software bug I've seen, the close button (X) has been replaced with a small head.

- Supposedly, this was done as a passive-aggressive motivation to get someone to create the Linux close/min/max/restore buttons. While others are calling it a feature.

The good news is that in the newest Linux Chromium build (22605), the passive-aggressive feature has been fixed. The X has returned and Linux users finally have proper close/min/max/restore buttons. I personally think the head should be stay and be used as the incognito mode icon.


As a side note, [chromium-bug] 18385 has one of the funniest reports I've come across.
What steps will reproduce the problem?
Look at what the X button is supposed to be

What is the expected result?
an X button

What happens instead?
Some guys head
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kpprom said...

I'm using the Chrome development build, instead of chromium so I didn't notice the head. But I did notice that there is a "use system title bar and borders" option. This uses the proper Linux widgets, but puts them on an extra title bar below the "normal" title bar in the panel.

I filed a bug because I feel that there shouldn't be two title bars. I think for Netbook Remix, this option should make the tabs go up into the panel. That way you could disable it if you don't like it.