Thursday, July 23, 2009

Help pHreaksYcle Buy A New Mini 9 Screen

Some jerk kicked pHreaksYcle's bag at his school and busted up his screen pretty bad. It was rumoured the perpetrator was a Microsoft mole, trying to stop the spread of Linux. While the identity of this delinquent is unknown (sadly many of these OS hate crimes go unsolved), one thing is certain: pHreak needs a new screen.

busted mini 9 screen in color
- It hurts just to look at this.

If you like the work we do around here and want to help, please donate via the ChipIn widget below. Every little bit counts.

All donations go directly to my young editor, who is broke as he is saving money for college. As always, those who contribute will have their names emblazoned on the Ubuntu Mini philanthropist list on the main page and have the eternal thanks of this sad 16 year old boy. First four donations gets their name in bold or a star, your choosing.

poor sad dan
- He sucks at doing sad.

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toneotom said...

Good luck on your new screen, and hope you can beat the heck, I mean reeducate the Microsoft mole.

In other news, sweet, second donator!

mbudden said...

Why do some people have to be so stupid? Congrats on getting a new screen.

Love what your doing redDEAD, I used to follow your work on the 1501 your the one that inspired me to work with Ubuntu. Thanks, unfortunately I went with the HP Mini. It's good to see your still at it.

redDEAD said...


it's high school so stupidity is the norm. How do you like the HP Mini?

c0mmon said...

you got whored damn, grow some backbone refund theese people and deal with the dude who did it.

redDEAD said...

pHreaksYcle didn't get whored, the money went directly to him.