Sunday, April 19, 2009

User Guides for Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

Everything you need to get Ubuntu 9.04 up and running on your Dell Mini 9

An overview of Ubuntu 9.04 on the Dell Mini 9

Creating a LiveUSB Stick

Creating a LiveUSB stick using an .img file

Installing Ubuntu on the Dell Mini

Installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Enabling sound after installing Ubuntu 9.04

Installing Aircraft Manager, for turning Bluetooth and WiFi on and off

Stop Compiz-Fusion From Loading Automatically, necessary for running Ubuntu Netbook Remix and using desktop-switcher

Fixing The Desktop After Using Desktop-Switcher Applet, this guide will walk your through the steps of getting your gnome panel and windows back after using desktop switcher

Customizing Firefox for Netbooks, necessary for using Firefox on a small netbook screen

Installing media codecs, for playing mp3, DVD, avi, mp4, aac, etc

Installing Medibuntu, for encrypted DVD playback, Windows codecs and Microsoft fonts

Installing and Configuring Skype on the Dell Mini 9

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Jitender said...

Maybe the Ubuntu 8.10 article could be updated to indicate the things that don't need to be done or need to be done differently for Jaunty (e.g. fix sound, fix fstab, and install netbook remix). The overview mentions these differences, though, so hopefully people will have figured it out by the time they get to the other article.

Anonymous said...

working great here, no issues after a week of beta usage and update today to release.

Netbook remix is a little buggy on the graphics side, switching between modes can be a pain.

If you are interested in monitoring the temp of your mini, and other good stuff try hardinfo

Anonymous said...

On my dell, after upgrading the SD slot would not read my card. After some searching I ran across a post in the ubuntu forums stating to add
"options sdhci debug_quirks=1"
to the /etc/modprobe.d/options file. So if anyone else encounters this issue that is what resolved it for me.

redDEAD said...

sudo apt-get install hardinfo

you can find it under System>Preferences

it's pretty dope, thanks for the heads up!

Peach said...

hi im a noob at linux, but got a dell mini 9 with pre-installed 8.04, downloaded and installed 9.04 ydat. installed fine, booted up fine the first time but on the second boot up, the screen res has changed or sumthin, and theres only a blank screen. i cant access ANYTHING which is a huge problem.theres only the wallpaper, no toolbars or anything. please can anybody help me with this urgent and oh so very frustrating issue?
Big thanks in advance to anyone who can help me (Y)

redDEAD said...


Peter said...

Just wrapped a weekend of putting/using 9.04 on my Mini 9 and I have to say that it's awesome. This is the fastest release to date. The install on my Mini 9 has been the simplest with 0 modifications. Everything worked out of the box.

I've been using Ubuntu since Hoary Hedgehog and this is my favorite. Simple to setup and use.

Thanks for the great tutorials over the past few releases. I hope that you keep the website rolling along.

Anonymous said...

This guide is great. Thanks so much. I have my DMN running 9.04 with no issues (other than the desktop switcher thing which I'm glad you pointed out. I thought I was going nuts)

Anonymous said...

9.04 installed smoothly on my dell mini 9 and almost everything worked fine.
Thank you very much for keeping this website so well.

.... but ..... I have an issue with the wifi:
it connects fine, but seems to freeze too often.
Any idea?

pm hughey said...

I'm brand spaking new to Ubuntu. I purchased my mini to edit photographs in the field. It has a tiny HDD and not much RAM. It currently runs Vista. I wanted the smallest OS install I can use to save space. Also, does anyone know if I can run GIMP on Ubuntu. Not looking to have my orange started...if you can point the way, i'll do the research. Screw Vista, i want Ubuntu.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you can run GIMP on Ubuntu :)

richbos said...

All fine here, I "Unetbooted" the full 9.04 ISO to my USB drive and dropped it onto the wiped 8GB SSD, aside from having to install a couple of codecs for video playback plus Twitux & Skype everything else fired up straight off, webcam, sound, the lot.

Superb, I've stuck the server tools & a LAMP stack on for development work and am syncing DropBox through it to a 64GB USB Pen Drive, what a great tool...!

Gotta love it.

Brad said...

Hi Red,

Thanks for the help. I install UNR for jaunty and everything is great except the battery monitor is flukey. Have you heard any report of this?

It isn't registering any charge at all even though I was plugged in all night.

Sorry to bother you with this stuff. I'm a noob and there are so many great resources out there, it is difficult to parse through them all.


Brad said...

Hi redDEAD,

Please disregard my former post. Battery problem solved. New lesson. No matter how inaccessible the plug may seem... Always make sure your wife hasn't unplugged. :-)

I know I said I was a noob but this one is laughable.

Thanks again for the great instructions. Worked like a charm.